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Motornostix Communicator

NEW: Motornostix Communicator™ Mobile on Android

"Machine health reports - where you are!" 

  • Reporting on your mobile and tablet (Android)
  • Up-to-date status and recommendations - easy to use with robot colours
  • History in your hand



Install from Google Play Store






Motornostix CommunicatorTM on PC - with report exporting

  • Reporting straight to your PC
  • Up-to-date machine health status and recommendations
  • History 
  • Print your own reports   

Real-time communication from remote analyst to the machine owner - works with Machine Health Surveillance™ & ID Canary™

Easy to use and install on your PC

Spot the problems quickly with traffic light status of each machine

Automatic updates when machine status change

Print your report selection for your meetings or e-mail

"FREE" means no additional costs - It is already part of our monthly services

For more info on the Motornostix Communicator™:  Contact Us



News & Announcements
Industry 4.0, IIoT and CBM

WATCH THIS SPACE - Machine CM to digital transformation. 

19 years of Motornostix's experience in developing and supplying expert condition monitoring solutions over the Internet is on the verge of opening new capabilities to change the way people see and care for their assets.


Get your own in-house vibration monitoring solution.


Cost effective and scaled to suit your budget

For non-condition monitoring people needing a own vibration solution with backup from CM specialists. EASY TO USE! 

BEARING CHECKER - lubrication and bearing checking for the artisan

CHECK bearings proven technology. Cost effective. Pocket size. Be quick to check bearings and lubrication. No SETUP required. Anybody, just about, can use it. 

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