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Motornostix Canary® System - Machine Health Surveillance™

Motornostix® Sensors are attached externally to machine components to monitor machine health measures. These measures include, but are not limited to: vibration, acoustic emission, temperature, motor speed and electrical current.

The sensors are connected to an intelligent data-acquisition device – the Motornostix Canary, positioned near to the monitored machinery.

The Canary uploads measured data to a computer (the Motornostix® Scanner). The scanner wraps the data from all local Canary units and uploads it via the Internet or GPRS network to a centralized Motornostix® Data Centre where it is securely warehoused.

This system provides a continuous record of condition monitoring measurements.  It is non-intrusive and simple to install on existing or new equipment.  It is cost-effective, flexible and scalable, and is 100% South African in origin, development and production.

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Acoustic Emission

The power of high frequency Acoustic Emission (AE) lies in the fact that it directly detects physical processes such as friction, impacts and metal removal which occur when machinery degrades. Because of this, it can be applied to virtually all rotating machinery including those traditionally difficult areas such as slow speed machinery, plain bearings and complex gearboxes. The key to the success of AE in the industrial environment lies not only in its high sensitivity to machine faults, but also in its inherent immunity to audible noise and low frequency vibrations. Because of this, AE is ideally suited to the shop floor where the background levels of noise and vibration are likely to be high and variable.

Motornostix makes use of well proven AE sensors and portable MHC (Machine Health Checker) devices supplied by Parker Kittiwake - Holroyd.

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Vibration logger - ID Canary™



  • Advanced ID button based vibration data collector. 
  • Fully integrated with a secure database and web-based application. 
  • Specially designed for ease of use by client employees to gather machine health data on predetermined ID button points. 
  • The ID Canary™ PC admin application provides a seamless upload of vibration data to a central data centre
  • Remote analysis is performed by the client or a trained Motornostix analyst. 

New and cost effective way to put vibration monitoring in the palm of your hand.  

Use it on a periodic or regular basis to do fault monitoring of know defects’ progression.  

The ID Canary™ puts vibration monitoring in your hand.  Get yours NOW!

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19 years of Motornostix's experience in developing and supplying expert condition monitoring solutions over the Internet is on the verge of opening new capabilities to change the way people see and care for their assets.


Get your own in-house vibration monitoring solution.


Cost effective and scaled to suit your budget

For non-condition monitoring people needing a own vibration solution with backup from CM specialists. EASY TO USE! 

BEARING CHECKER - lubrication and bearing checking for the artisan

CHECK bearings proven technology. Cost effective. Pocket size. Be quick to check bearings and lubrication. No SETUP required. Anybody, just about, can use it. 

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