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MHS Interpretation

Interpretation Service - MHS™ Monitoring and Reporting

Motornostix® offers an Interpretation Service in addition to the data delivery service whereby our analyst will keep you informed about the status of your machine.  They inspect all data on a weekly basis and service all new alerts daily.  This service is performed during normal office hours for every day of the year.  Our analysts are on remote standby after hours to assist with any urgent queries – an analyst will log in from remote to assess the latest data.  The analysts are available to assist the plant engineers, maintenance staff and maintenance service contractor to make informed decisions. Motornostix highly recommends this service as a value adding to the data delivery.  Our analyst team are specially trained for this unique service and follow proven methods developed through many years’ experience. The interpretation service creates the real value from the vast amount of data delivered.  

Client staff who are well skilled in reliability and condition monitoring can perform the interpretation in-house. Motornostix will provide the relevant training, software and back office support. 



-  Daily investigation of alerts – 365 days a year

-  Weekly inspections on all data

-  Escalate incidents (MHI) and report to client through Motornostix Communicator™, Motornostix Dashboard™, email and phone call

-  Regular setup and reviews

-  Report system and sensor faults to the relevant teams responsible for maintenance of the system

The analyst will raise machine health incidents and report these to the necessary site maintenance staff.  The method of communication depends on the severity of an incident and can be via email, SMS*, dashboard screen updates, reports on software (Motornostix Communicator™) and phone calls for those really urgent incidents. 

The latest analysis outcomes are always visible on the in-office Motornostix Dashboard™ and Motornostix Communicator™ for PC and Android mobile devices. 

All Machine Health Incidents (MHI) raised will result in:

1) A summary MHI report sent via email 

2) A Red status update and relevant notes made on the Motornostix Communicator™ which are accessible to users on the Android App and Windows PC program and 

3) Red status change on Dashboard.  Any user can communicate back to the analyst by sending a message on the Motornostix Communicator™ application, or via email or by simply calling the analyst.

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