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Machine Health Surveillance™ Services

Machine Health Surveillance™

The Machine Health Surveillance™ (MHS™) is a comprehensive remote online condition monitoring solution, ideal for critical production machines.  The solution applies to motors (electrical and mechanical aspects), gearboxes, fans, pumps, conveyors, pinions and large bearings as well as a selection of process parameters inputs.  The machine owner does not need a vibration analyst on the payroll. Read the brochure...

Motornostix’s trained analysts, performing the Interpretation Service, work with you by monitoring the machine health and informing you of deviations. 

All data, delivered via the internet, through the Data Delivery Service is always available to the plant’s decision makers, maintenance team, the client’s OEM, maintenance service providers and Motornostix.  When you implement it at your plant, it will mean to you:

·         Reduce cost and down time by preventing unplanned work

·         Increase plant availability and produce more at a lower cost – more profit

·         Improve safe operation because of better planning

·         More peace of mind

·         Go home on time more often

Motornostix has MHS™ systems in operation in South Africa and abroad.  Our MHS™ systems are applied on various production critical machines ranging from high rpm down to ultra-slow-rotating bearings including grinding mills, overhead cranes, thickeners, blowers, fans, pumps, conveyor drives, winders and more.  

Motornostix provides
  • MX system design and installation
  • Data measurements, delivery, analytical tools and event management
  • Data warehousing
  • GPRS connectivity
  • MX system maintenance covered by guarantee period and subsequent maintenance contracts 
  • Condition monitoring services:
    • Analyse data 7 days a week
    • Service MX event 7 days a week
    • Notify clients of conditions that may lead to equipment failure
    • Monthly report on equipment health
    • Monitor MX equipment health
The Client...
  • Buys or rents the equipment
  • Pays a monthly rental for:
    • Data measurements, delivery, analytical tools and event management
    • Data warehousing
    • GPRS connectivity
    • Motornostix monitoring service
  • Makes equipment data available, including: 
    • Maintenance history
    • Failure mode analysis
    • Bearing details
  • Provides access to equipment
  • Provides clean 220 VAC power
  • Monitors and analyses the data
  • Services MX events
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