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Machine Health Surveillance™ - Interpretation by the Client

This is a Machine Health Surveillance technology and data delivery service. Our client provides the analysis resources  - whom will have suitable condition monitoring analysis knowledge and skills. 

Motornostix provides the Data Delivery Service incl the hardware equipment, software, setup, training and support to deliver the data to such an analyst. The analyst takes ownership for the analysis, reporting and at the same time monitor the performance of the system. This solution is well suited for service providers and original equipment manufacturers who take care for their client's machines.  Read the brochure...

Motornostix provides
  • MX system design and installation(optional)
  • Data measurements, delivery, analytical tools and event management
  • Data warehousing
  • GPRS connectivity
  • MX system maintenance covered by guarantee period and subsequent maintenance contracts 
The Client...
  • Buys or rents the equipment
  • Pays a monthly rental for:
    • Data measurements, delivery, analytical tools and event management
    • Data warehousing
    • GPRS connectivity
    • Motornostix monitoring service
  • Provides access to equipment
  • Provides clean 220 VAC power
  • Monitors and analyses the data
  • Services MX events
  • Monitors MX equipment health
  • Notifies MX of non-serviceable equipment
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Industry 4.0, IIoT and CBM

WATCH THIS SPACE - Machine CM to digital transformation. 

19 years of Motornostix's experience in developing and supplying expert condition monitoring solutions over the Internet is on the verge of opening new capabilities to change the way people see and care for their assets.


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