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Acoustic Emission - The Next Generation of Vibration Techniques

Acoustic Emission (AE) signals are generated by the impact of the asperities on bearing and gear surfaces during rotation. AE signal are early indicators of bearing and gear surface wear. The AE technology is also well suited to detect surface wear in slow (< 35 rpm) rotating equipment.

The power of high frequency AE lies in the fact that it directly detects the physical processes of these defects.


How does Acoustic Emission detect failure modes?

AE signals are generated in machine components where stress-type defects are present such as:

  • metal-to-metal friction,
  • impacts and
  • metal removal occurring when machinery degrades

These can happen during a rolling motion over a local defect or over a particle, or when there is wear in a dry sliding contact (metal-to-metal contact) motion.  This happens for example, when an element of a bearing roles over a raceway surface defects or breaks through its lubrication film and slides. AE therefore also provides a solution to detect lubrication ineffectiveness and lubrication film breakdown between bearing components.

Motornostix offers the benefits of AE, not only as part of on-line remote monitoring with the Motornostix Canary® but also supports the Machine Health Checker (MHC) instruments from Kittiwake Holroyd.  The Distress® AE technology is second to none and the patented technology makes condition monitoring of bearings easier than ever before. The Extent® reading provides a powerful solution for detecting surface defects on super slow rotating machines.

New: Bearing Checker - datasheet - anybody can use it to check a bearing.

On-site portable instruments - datasheet - standard and slow mode checkers and route loggers and software.

View a demo video of the AE standard mode: Distress®.

or visit Kittiwake Holroyd and AE Frequent Asked Questions for more information.

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