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Motornostix's Purpose

Motornostix helps asset management people to easily and cost effectively establish a condition based maintenance approach that will benefit them by:

  • Knowing the health of assets to take proactive action
  • See how actions taken make a difference
  • Improve Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Increase net profit
Following our Purpose

We are successful when our clients experience value

Condition based maintenance is the best way far the most cost effective maintenance strategy for most machines.  Our goal is to help you achieve this in a easy and understandable way.

We provide condition monitoring services and equipment to production critical machine clients in South Africa and selected foreign partners through the use of the Motornostix web-based condition monitoring system and related equipment.

By doing this, do we create value for our:


By providing opportunity to learn, for career growth and security


By enabling improvement of availability and manage the safe operation of critical machines


By provide return on investment and pursue business growth opportunities

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