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 For Your Asset Management:

          For Your Business:
  • Integrated solutions to suit your needs
  • Comprehensive programme solutions
  • Guided implementation - making it easy
  • Get peace of mind
  • Proven track record in industry
  • User-friendly for ease of use
  • Get your maintenance team involved on site
  • Efficient planned work
  • Manage machine reliability
  • Increase profits (reduce downtime)
  • Reduce production cost 
  • Improve safety
  • Improve plant production capacity
  • Empower artisans and technicians



Machine Health SurveillanceTM - CONTINUOUS FEED of machine health.  On-line remote monitor and reporting, on your internet PC.

ID CanaryTM - VIBRATION data collection and reporting that any maintenance person CAN DO. We guarantee it! 

Acoustic Emission - NEXT GENERATION condition monitoring FOR MACHINES, from a bearing checker to data collectors and remote on-line solutions

FluidTestTM - LUBRICANT & FUEL analysis with the benefit of remote reporting via the internet

Thermal Imaging and Analysis - Comprehensive Infrared programme solutions

Need help to get real value from a condition monitoring solution - tap into decades of experience in asset management and condition monitoring technology and application  - CONSULTATION


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Optimise your brand and after sale services over the life cycle of the asset. Support your client with continuous machine health information that is accessible to you and your client.

Condition Monitoring Service Providers

Effective service delivery through simplified innovative solutions. Cover more machines, more often with less effort.

Maintenance Service Contracts

Make condition monitoring work for your maintenance contract - cost effective and easy - complete in-house programme options. 

Machine Managers

You can know your machines' health - as you need. Optimise your asset management and life cycle cost with user-friendly solution, shaped for your maintenance team to enable preventive maintenance.

Machine Maintainers

Knowing your machine's health is peace of mind. We have simplified the use of conditon monitoring - from the basic bearing check up to continuous monitoring with a remote analyst to interpret your data for you when you need it!


Become part of the success of the future. Experienced and established applicant welcome to contact us.

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We help you to keep your machines running?

Want peace of mind?  Continuous monitoring of critical machines is our business. Contact us now or call 0861 CANARY(226279).

New AE Bearing Checker is HERE!

Change the way you CHECK bearings!   Proven AE technology.   Contact us for our launch special.  Easy to use. Pocket size. Be quick to check bearings and lubrication.

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Proud to be South African
The only SA manufacturer of complete condition monitoring product solutions.  Part of the 75% local content drive.

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